Interviews and Performances 2016 Archive


– Dan James Band – Engineer: Adam Fielding

An appealing mix of indie and dream rock, Dan James and his band invite the listener to slow down, and savour a moment with them.  From the north of England, this trio brings years of experience together to present something mindfully exquisite.

– Red Sky Duo – Engineer: Adam Fielding

Ambient ethereal folk rock duo based in Leeds mesmerised The Shift TV troopers with their unconditional love for life.  Both Canadians and Germans have fallen in love with these two turtle doves.  Wherever they walk, their musical fragrance injects every soul.  Celebrating 2 years together, the twin two’s tell us at The Shift Radio, “We are excited about the future”.

#On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me RED SKY.

– Donna And The Cadillacs – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

Donna and the Cadillacs are a three piece band living in the south of Manchester, but originally from both far away and just down the road. Combining elements of funk and rock (with a cheeky bit of blues), Donna and the Cadillacs are a good range of genres to appeal to any rock enthusiast.

– Smashing Lads  – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

Smashing Lads are making their sophomore appearance on Monday Night Live, and their debut performance on The Shift TV. We are thrilled to have them back. Four guys from Northern Manchester, they sing a memoir many can relate to, without taking themselves too seriously.

– Educated Risk  – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

Educated Risk are a 5 piece rock band with indie influences and just only between 15-16 year old they ooze with their own recognisable and individual sounds.  They have been playing for the last 3-4 years and are now starting the initial steps of playing in city venues such as, The Academy.  They have just finished recording their first E.P at Future Works which will be out in the New Year.  They are simply awesome!

– Lucy Mae Band  – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

The Lucy Mae Band is a triplet of talent.  They consist of a bassist, a guitar / saxophone player, and Lucy Mae herself on vocals. This performance also features fellow artist WherezNeekz on vocals.  The music is easy listening, lulling you into a mellow mood.  The lyrics, however, give you something to ponder, if you care to listen.

– Your Illuminations  – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

Brand new Anthemic pop-rockers ‘Your Illuminations’ have been on a non-stop rise since their small beginnings in the North Yorkshire heartland, and now, they are set to explode onto the national scene with their stadium-sized choruses and crowd energising stage presence.  Combining punchy pop punk with hard-hitting rock and roll, mixed with euphoric synths and unforgettable lyrics, Y.I. are looking to continue their unstoppable march to the forefront of British rock.  With a debut E.P on the horizon and their eyes set firmly on the echelons of rock history, it seems the sky’s the limit for YOUR ILLUMINATIONS!

– Azura Kings  – Engineer: Wayne Walsh

Azura Kings are a four piece band from Liverpool.  Not quite rock, not quite indie, they are a hard band to classify; but it doesn’t take away from their passion and interest.  Take some time out to listen to what they have to say.  They are willing to experiment with sound in order to create something that stands apart.

– Black Label  – Engineer: Adam Fielding

Black Label is a 5 piece boy band, in true British style.  They bring a rock edge to what they do, and sit comfortably in the realm of darker emotions.  Rather than using their music to talk about heartache and unrequited love, they are more likely to walk with you down an alley at 2 AM, questioning bad decisions and your own company.

– LeeSun  – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

This singer/songwriter is a blissful performer. Whether you’re driving in your car or going for a walk she can make you feel warmth, happiness and laughter all at the same time. Inspired by her childhood life, this modest beauty can drizzle you with her emotions.

– Vincent O’Brien  – Engineer: Adam Fielding

Growing up in the 60’s music was really important to this Irish legend.  Education and travelling played a huge role in his singing, songwriting and producing career.  His songs are best described as ‘raindrops on roses’, deep yet a mesmerising journey through life and his voice as a powerful weapon reaching out universally to multiple hearts.  As a self- taught guitarist and harmonica genius, this alchemist continues to touch people with his cryptic spells.  He is total eclipse!

– Myth of Unity  – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

Myth Of Unity or (M.O.U) are a  talented trio group all the way from Blackpool.  Missy B, Trix, and DJ Cali can shake your day or night with their eclectic twist to mesmeric funky pop, soulful garage and quirky hip hop.  Their inviting personalities mirrors success, determination and that ultimate drive to bring originality, quality and flavour to your ears.  Desire and friendship will inevitably lead them to become a world class act.  They embrace diversity all the way.  Respect!

– Y Key Operators  – Engineer: Slawomir Janek

Y-Key Operators are a classic example of the Indie group all the way from Manchester.  Besides their love for football, they spend their precious moments gigging all over the UK.  With YKO as a symbolic representation, this uniquely formed band are bound to make you dance forever!

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